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2017/02/17 Global First UL Certificate of Solar VRF Awarded to Gree
On Feb 10th, 2017, Gree North Amer...
2016/10/25 Gree Overseas Technical Seminar 2016
Along with the development of Gree...
2016/07/07 Gree Becomes an Official Supplier of Rio Olympic Games
Opening of Rio Olympic Games is...
2016/11/18 Grand Opening of GMV North America Training Center
On Nov. 18th, 2016 (U.S. time), GM...
2016/06/08 Dong Mingzhu Leads Gree's Road to Innovation
On June 8, “Research and Applicati...
2016/04/05 Gree Certified by AHRI Again
On April 4th, representatives from...
2016/03/22 Gree Overseas After-sales Training — Thailand Station
On March 22, 2016, Gree overseas a...
2016/02/18 Gree Gains Environmental Product Award of the Year
On February 17, the annual ACR New...
2017/02/06 GREE Solar Hybrid Technology Recognized By Australian Government
Australian air conditioner energy ...
2017/01/30 Shining at AHR EXPO, Gree Unveils the First Show in 2017
From Jan. 30th to Feb. 1st, AHR Ex...
2016/10/15 Gree Sparkling at Canton Fair with 2016 New Products
Beginning from October 15, the 120...
2016/09/26 TOSOT Launch Conference Grandly Held in Mexico
On Sep. 23, right after AHR Expo-M...
2016/09/18 Dong Ranks on Fortune’s List of the 50 Most Powerful Women
The ranking list of the world’s 50...
2016/08/24 Gree’s Two Nuclear Plant Units Accredited as “International Advanced”
On August 21, two self-developed u...
2016/08/03 Gree Overseas PV AC Reference Projects
Many natural resources are abou...
2016/07/30 First Gree New York GMV Showroom Opens Grandly
On July 30, the first Gree New Yor...
2016/07/04 Gree America Eyes Silicon Valley Market
China Green Gree HVAC System Sil...
2016/06/21 220 Thai Distributors Visit Gree HQ
June 13~21, Gree Thailand agen...
2016/06/09 Gree Korea Launching Show 2016
On June 9 th , 2016, Gree Korea...
2016/06/09 Gree Asia Pacific Distributors Conference Grandly Held in Seoul
On June 9, Gree Asia Pacific Di...
2016/04/09 TOSOT Russian Dealers Conference 2016 Opens Grandly
Under well organization of TOSOT R...
2016/03/26 Gree Showroom Opens Grandly in Hanoi, Vietnam
On the morning of March 25, the fi...
2016/03/25 Gree Global New Products Launching Conference 2016 in Vietnam
On March 25, 2016, Gree global new...
2016/03/23 Gree Sparks in the 23rd HVACR Exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan
The much-anticipated HVACR Exhibit...
2016/03/15 Gree Shines at MCE EXPO 2016
On March 15, MCE EXPO 2016 opened ...
2016/03/06 Inauguration of Gree Malaysia Company and Gree Showroom Opening Ceremony in Malaysia
On the morning of March 6, inaugur...
2016/03/02 Refrigeration and Ventilation Equipment Forum in Poland
On March 1 st and 2 nd , 2016, Pol...
2016/01/28 Gree Philippine Agent and Dealers Group Visited Gree
From January 26 to 28, 2016, Gree ...
2016/01/27 Gree Shines in 2016 AHR Expo
The 2016 AHR Expo, the professiona...
2016/01/23 One Million Prize for Gree Laos Agent and Dealers
Recently, Gree Laos CNY Gala &...
2016/01/21 Product Launch and Social Meeting of Gree Taiwan Distributors Grandly Held in Taipei
In the afternoon of January 19, 20...
2016/01/16 First Gree Macau Exclusive Shop Opens Grandly
On Jan 15, 2016, the first Gree Ma...
2016/01/12 Team Building in Serbian Market
Under the guideline of “Marketing,...
2015/12/31 Gree Wins the Bid of MS01 Nuclear Power Centrifugal Chiller Project
On December 28, 2015, procureme...
2015/12/05 Gree Attends China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition
On December 4, the summit of the F...
2015/01/09 Gree Receives the Second Prize of China National Science & Technology Progress Award 2014
On January 9, the winner list of C...
2014/12/29 First Gree 4S Image Exclusive Shop in Laos Opens in Vientiane
On Dec 29, 2014, the first Gree 4S...
2014/12/15 Gree VRF Products Get American AHRI Certificate
In December, 2014, Gree VRF produc...
2014/12/12 New Product Launch 2015 for Gree Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller and DC Inverter GMV5 Brings to a Successful Close in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia
On December 12, 2014, the New Prod...
2014/12/04 The 8th Anniversary Celebration of Gree in Cambodian Market
Gold rolling to Cambodia (GREE) Ai...
Wall-mounted Type Painting Era
Multi-VRF Photovoltaic Inverter-VRF
Multifunctional Heat Pump Versati Ⅱ+
Multi-Cooker GDF-3018c
Side By Side KRF-658WPGB
Gree Smartphone
Two-stage enthalpy-adding compressor QXAT-B121zF070
Wall-mounted Type Painting Era
Wall-mounted Type Solar AC
Wall-mounted Type U-Crown I
Floor Standing Type I-Crown II
Window Type Curve
Portable AC Shiny
Dehumidifier Daisy
Light Commercial AC Free-Match
Light Commercial AC U-Match
Multi-VRF Photovoltaic Inverter-VRF
Chiller Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller
Chiller High effciency Modular Air cooled Screw Chille
Chiller High effciency Water cooled Screw Chiller
Chiller Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller
Multifunctional Heat Pump Versati Ⅱ+
Multifunctional Heat Pump Versati Ⅱ
Residential Water Heater PURO Integral Heat Pump Water Heater
Residential Water Heater H-crown Split Type Water Heater
Residential Water Heater JUNO Split Type Water Heater
Commercial Water Heater Ultra Series Circulating Heat Pump Water Heater
Commercial Water Heater Ultra Series Direct Heating Pump Water Heater
Induction Cooker GC-21XSWa
Multi-Cooker GDF-3018c
Humidifier SCW-3008
Water Dispenser GYWS-LRSX03
Electric Fan FDZ-3510Bg7
Electric Heater NDYB-21
Side By Side KRF-658WPGB
Italian Type KQRF-320WP
Three Door KTRF-272WPG
Combi KDRF-365
Double Door KDRF-430W
Single Door KSF-295
Chest Freezer WCD-165D
Two-stage enthalpy-adding compressor QXAT-B121zF070
Industrial robots 608
Numerical control five-joint servo manipulator GM1400D
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor CD296
Industrial Goods Enameled cable
Plastic sealed brushless DC motor ZWR30-J
Compressor for heat pump water heater QXER-C18E030
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